Viktoria Moore : Uniqueness in fashion!

Viktoria Moore : Uniqueness in fashion!

Viktoria Moore : Uniqueness in fashion!


Nowadays, real women of fashion come to the fact that the top of fashion lies not in the possibility or the very purchase of a designer thing from a famous house, but in the task to find those things that are produced in limited quantities, even if not from a well-known brand.

Uniqueness is what is valued today.

Proceeding from this, it is possible at once to nullify the purchase in mass markets and luxury brands from collections called “for all who have money,”. But if all the same you do not earn round sums to buy exclusive items from eminent houses in limited collections, then the question arises – what will they replace !?

I propose to give my preference to young and talented designers with whom I try to gradually introduce you in every article.

The sponsor of this article was the Turkish brand @zamback, which manufactures things manually and in small numbers, which makes them truly valuable and unique in a way.

To this article was not only cognitive, but also taught you to combine and make up your own images – I decided to show in my example 3 different outfits using the jacket from the new collection 2017/2018 from the brand @zamback!

My first image I gave the name – “somewhere out there in Cuba,”. After all, the location and image perfectly convey its spirit and atmosphere, even though it’s not Cuba at all, but one of the small towns in Florida (the state in the US).

Where it is possible to go ?!

Personally for me, this image was an excellent solution to walk from the beach to the cafe and thereby refresh yourself there with cooling lemonade. But do not be afraid to fantasize and invent something of your own, because how I like to talk – the main thing is not to forget that we are all unique and unique in our way)

The second image I called – Black & White.

An excellent option and color solution for those who do not like to bother with the combination of colors and think about whether this fashionable color will suit me or not !? 😉

Finally, I decided to create a very simple and at the same time stylish image, using white and blue, as an accent and a bright detail of the image – a cape.

Thanks to the cape, your image will play in a new way and will emphasize your personality and sense of taste. In this image, though at the club, even for a walk. Universal is not it !?;)

As you can see, there are many options to be fashionable, stylish, look beautiful and at the same time keep your uniqueness and not look like an incubator.

Personally, I’m for young and talented, but still not all known BRANDS, and you!?;)

On this I say goodbye to you! And remember that you deserve all the best !!!

Be yourself! Love yourself and do not be afraid to experiment;)

With best wishes and until soon your Victoria Moore!

Sweatshirts: @zamback

Footwear: @seastarbeachwear

Decoration: AdoryBox

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