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About us


Founded in 1991 in Istanbul, Zambak Deri has been creating handcrafted women’s jackets out of real leather since then.

The majority of our goods, which can be seen at trade shows in fashion-forward capitals such as Paris, New York, London, and Tokyo, are made from reused leathers, and they contribute to decreasing the environmental harm caused by the leather manufacturing industry.


Ms Yücel Kuş, who began working in 1983 in order to purchase toys for her children, was the driving force behind Zambak Deri’s inception. Zambak Deri pioneered a new route in 1991 by merging leather and handcraft, and the company has always had a female-dominated workforce, with 90 percent of its employees. Powered by the determination of women who wish to make a contribution to their families’ well-being by working from home, Zambak Deri’s products have found consumers all over the world.


Zambak Deri designs and manufactures all of the models for its collections in-house, thus it employs tulle/mesh/net/lace and real leather for its designs. The majority of the leather we use in our goods is leftover leather from leather jacket manufacturing, which accounts for around 80% of our total leather usage. While the term “sustainability” had not yet been formed, Zambak Deri was bringing back to life leathers that had fallen out of favor in the previous century or so.

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