Zambak established on 1983 in Istanbul. Main business was handmade knitting in early 1980’s. In the beginning of 90’s Zambak attracted to leather. This is the first steps of “being unique”. As a family business Zambak gain her power from members of her family.

After dedicated years of 90’s, Zambak is being famous in “handmade leather jacket” designs in Istanbul. And it is time to find international friendships.
IDF Istanbul Leather Fair is the main gate for international contacts for leather business in Istanbul. Many many friendships started in this exhibition. After years IDF loses its energy and Zambak need new dimensions in her life.

Then “United Kingdom” invited Zambak to her majesty: Pure London. Zambak converts herself to Zamback as she steps in to Kingdom.
Now new friendships being gathering under her majesty of Queen.

Don’t follow the routes, create your own.