Zambak established on 1983 in Istanbul. Main business was handmade knitting in early 1980’s. In the beginning of 90’s Zambak attracted to leather. This is the first steps of “being unique”. As a family business Zambak gain her power from members of her family.

After dedicated years of 90’s, Zambak is being famous in “handmade leather jacket” designs in Istanbul.

Since 1991 Zamback still designs and manufatures unique handmade leather jackets. Zamback’s unique jackets may have thousands or more genuine leather pieces. These leather pieces are placed over a soft mesh. Combination of soft mesh and designed leather pieces has a exclusive look and feel. Being notified that every piece on these jacket is prepared and placed on mesh one-by-one with handmade will make you feel unique. Every design look same in a way but every jacket has its own uniqueness because of its hand crafter.